DMI Webinar Series
| 04/09/2020
DMI Webinar Series

We are pleased to introduce our new DMI talk series.

Program for the Fall 2020 Edition.

  • 14/09/2020, 12:30pm CEST
    Speaker: Andreas Vlachos (University of Cambridge)
    Title: Automated Fact Checking: a natural language processing perspective 
  • 28/09/2020, 12:30pm CEST
    Speaker: Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha (Apple)
    Title: Recent work on Natural Language Understanding and Conversational AI at Siri
  • 07/10/2020, 12:30pm CEST
    Slava Jankin (Hertie School of Governance in Berlin)
    Tracking the Connections Between Public Health and Climate Change
  • 12/10/2020, 12:30pm CEST
    Speaker: Sara Tonelli (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
    Title:  Multilingual hate speech detection: Insights and challenges

  • 19/10/2020, 12:30pm CEST
    Speaker: Simone Ponzetto (University of Mannheim)
    Title: A General Framework for Implicit and Explicit Debiasing of Distributional Word Vector Spaces
  • 26/10/2020, 17:00pm CEST
    Speaker: Aron Culotta (Illinois Institute of Technology)
    Title: Language, perception, and reality in online communication

  • 09/11/2020, 12:30pm CEST
    Speaker: Svea Eckert (tech journalist, ARD German television)
    Title: Dark Data – How a shadow industry is surveilling your life

The talks will be held online. For more information, write to